Judgment Enforcement by Writ of Execution

Partial Satisfaction of Judgment

On August 3, 2020, ARKPLLC had the privilege of observing deputies of Rick Coffman, Constable Precinct Two Williamson County, Texas make demand and their first levy on personal property under a Writ of Execution on a civil money judgment in favor of ARKPLLC Client Mark Sayers. These Williamson County deputy constables located personal property owned by the Judgment Debtor (an electrical contractor which may have stopped conducting business in the form of a Texas LLC sometime after the Judgment was entered against it). Most of this personal property did not appear worth the costs to seize, store, and sell. However, the deputies did find and levy on two Ford Vans owned by the Judgment Debtor. See Notice of Sale. The Constable’s Sale of the Vans resulted in a very small net recovery for ARKPLLC’s Client. See Distribution Memo. The Warehouseman’s Receipts provide a good example of the costs involved in seizing, towing and storing motor vehicles.